“The most important thing is to survive midseason colds. And to steer one’s blood by doing push-ups”

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“The most important thing is to survive midseason colds. And to steer one’s blood by doing push-ups”

Political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich was sent to a disciplinary cell 8 times. They do not let him sleep at night, prohibit to read the Bible. The “Young Front” leader is suffering from cold and is getting prepared for winter already in summer.

Zmitser Dashkevich’s lawyer managed to see his client on August 24. We would like to turn your attention to the fact that, before this, the lawyers had been denied in their requests to see Zmitser Dashkevich 5 times in a row.It became known on August 24 that Dashkevich had served administrative reprimands for more than 8 times. Zmitser says that they make reports against him by means of different provocations and all this is done in order to start a new criminal case at the territory of the colony under Article 411 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, which prescribes prolongation of the term of imprisonment for 1-2 years.

Zmitser Dashkevich talked to the lawyer on August 24 by phone through a glass, in the presence of an employee of the correctional colony No. 9, which obviously made detailed and proper description of the confinement conditions, the situation in the colony and his complaints almost impossible.

However, even in such conditions Dashkevich managed to inform the things which made us ring the alarm. He told that deputy head on operative-regime work Aliaksandr Lapatka prohibited Zmitser Dashkevich to sleep, having forced him to stand up all night. After that he ordered Zmitser to go to work. Dashkevich refused to work due to physical weakness, and was reprimanded and sent to a disciplinary cell once again for that.

It is difficult to call dragging a person to a prison corridor at night thus depriving him of an opportunity to sleep anything else but tortures. Moreover, it is totally possible that they forced him to stand in the well-known pose – “American stretch”, in which a prisoner feels weak and cannot feel his arms and legs because of pain and numbness of all muscles.

And after this, they suggest a person to go to work, when he can hardly stand on his legs, in order to humiliate and mock him.

We also demand to conduct a substantial checking of the actions committed by the colony’s employee Babrou, who used illegal measures against Dashkevich. Zmitser Dashkevich did not manage to inform the details due to limitedness of his communication with the lawyer.

Zmitser Dashkevich is now in the cell-type premises (CTP). The temperature gets lower than it should be during night time there, it is practically impossible to sleep. They also do not have linen. There are even no mattresses in the punitive isolator. Current CTP is in fact just one cell now.

Zmitser writes to his friends: “The most important thing is to survive midseason colds, when you sleep for an hour, and then you have to push-up to steer you blood a bit for another half an hour.”

Zmitser also asked his fiancée Nasta Palazhanka to pass him gloves although it is summertime now. Zmitser is deprived of practically all parcels so he is getting prepared for winter in advance – he is only allowed two parcels for 2 kilos each per year. After serving punishment in the Shklou colony in 2007 Zmitser had problems with his spine. The “Young Front” activists fear that these colds might make his disease worse. The colony’s administration refused to provide Zmitser Dashkevich the Bible in the punitive isolator, which is a direct violation of constitutional rights of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

The people who supported Zmitser and had an opportunity to communicate with him were brutally beaten and sent to disciplinary cells. At present, we only know one name – Ruslan Ladnou. He was brutally beaten and sent to the punitive isolator and CPT because he kept friendly relations with Zmitser and informed his mother that Zmitser had been sent to the punitive isolator, which she told further to mass media.

The colony’s administration refuses to provide Zmitser Dashkevich the right to give explanations on the reports made against him point-blank, despite his numerous demands. Zmitser does not even know what for and when another report is made against him as he is forbidden to read them.

Let us remind you, no lawyer was provided an opportunity to see Dashkevich’s personal file, where all the reprimands against him should be recorded. Dashkevich’s lawyers cannot claim these reprimands, and neither can he, as they did not see them.

Complaints about Zmitser Dashkevich’s deprivation from the right for legal assistance were filed to the name of Mahileu regional public prosecutor, and to the General public prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Belarus. Nasta Palazhanka filed an application demanding to subject the persons who are guilty in breaking the rights and freedoms of the citizen of the Republic of Belarus Zmitser Dashkevich, to criminal responsibility.

The “Young Front” considers tortures unacceptable and demands to stop inhumane treatment of prisoners. The “Young Front” activists insist on release of political prisoners, and demands that harassment of Lukashenka’s regime’s opponents should be stopped and several dozens of illegal criminal sentences against democratic activists and national movement leaders in Belarus should be revoked.