Administration of Novapolatsk colony denies tortures against Likhavid

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Administration of Novapolatsk colony denies tortures against Likhavid

The “Young Front” Vice-Chairperson Nasta Palazhanka received a reply from the Novapolatsk colony No. 10, where the political prisoner is serving punishment.

Palazhanka filed a complaint about illegal and violent actions against the youngster, committed by the colony’s administration. She turned attention to the brutal punishment in the form of imprisonment in a disciplinary cell for refusal to follow some of the colony’s internal rules. The youngster does not call himself a convict and refuses to do morning exercises with other prisoners.

Head of the Novapolatsk colony A.Sivokha did not consider Palazhanka’s appeal grounded and refuted that there had been tortures aginst Likhavid. He informed in his reply that the youngster consciously broke the rules and knew it, as he filed no complaints against the actions of the administration.

Thus, the colony’s administration refuses to take over responsibility for the youngster’s destiny once again.

You can write Mikita Likhavid to the following address:  

211440 Vitsebsk region,Novapolatsk, Tekhnichnaya Street, 8
correctional colony No. 10