Andrus Tychyna released

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Andrus Tychyna released

The “Young Front” activist Andrus Tychyna has been released from the detention center in Salihorsk after 7 days of administrative detention, on July 20.

He has confirmed in a telephone conversation with the editors of the web-portal SALIHORSK.ORG that the confinement conditions in the pre-trial detention center in Salihorsk are humiliating, but he had no health problems due to this so far.

Let us remind you, Andrus Tychyna and Ivan Shyla were detained on the “silent Wednesday” on July 13 in the center of Salihorsk by policemen in plain clothes. The youngsters were accused of bad swearing and sentenced to administrative detention.

It is worth mentioning that Ivan Shyla was released early and admitted to hospital back on Tuesday, July 19, because of serious health problems, which occurred due to anti-sanitary confinement conditions in the Salihorsk pre-trial detention center.