Arrests for picket in support of Dashkevich in Horki (photo, video)

Arrests for picket in support of Dashkevich in Horki (photo, video)

The “Young Front” activists, detained on August 2 near the correctional colony No. 9 in Horki, were sentenced to administrative detention for the terms from 10 till 17 days. Most of them were charged under two articles of the Administrative Code – participation in a non-sanctioned event and disobedience to the police.

Mikalaj Dzemidzenka – 17 days,

Hanna Sharuba – 13,

Nasta Palazhanka – 12,

Tatsiana Shaputska – 10,

Julia Mikhailava – 10,

Maksim Siamionau – 10,

Yauhen Skrabets – 10,

Aliaksej Sianchyla – 7,

Raman Panzhyn – 5.

Trials against the activists started in the court of Drybin at 18.00, when the majority of journalists and human rights defenders left. It was expected that they would stand trial in Horki, but they were transported to Drybin as Aliaksandr Lukashenka was in Horki with a visit on that day.

Julia Mikhailava and Tatsiana Shaputska

Administrative cases of four detainees were considered in Horki. As a result, the “Young Front” activist Maksim Siamionau was sentenced to 10 days of detention, Aliaksandr Vialitchanka was fined for 1 million roubles, Zmitser Shurkhai and the “Young Front” Vice-Chairman Ivan Shyla were released from the court hall after they had demanded a lawyer – there were no lawyers available in the court as the working day was over. The cases of Shyla and Shurkhai will be considered in the court of Horki on August 8.

 Nasta Palazhanka and Julia Mikhailava

Trial against the “Young Front” activist Raman Vasilieu was also postponed till August 9. The court of Drybin took such a decision after Raman had demanded a lawyer. The activist was released until the next trial.

 Viachaslau Barysau, Raman Vasilieu

Independent journalist Tatsiana Shaputska claimed in court that she was fulfilling her professional duties. The judge watched all the photo and video materials taken by her and attached them to the case. However, this did not influence the sentence.

Judges Aliaksandr Zaitsau and Victar Yaskovich made the sentences in Drybin. Maksim Siamionau will serve punishment in Horki, all the rest – in Drybin.

Mikalaj Dzemidzenka, Zmitser Shukhrai.

[Brutal dispersal of prayer near the colony’s walls (photo, video)]

Let us remind you, 14 people were detained near the correctional colony No. 9 in Horki on August 2. They held a picket demanding that a lawyer should be admitted to Zmitser Dashkevich, the imprisoned leader of the “Young Front”. The activists were charged of participation in a non-sanctioned event and disobedience to the police. They spent a night in the police department and were sentenced to different terms of administrative detention by the courts of Horki and Drybin. Three activists – Ivan Shyla, Zmitser Shurkhai and Raman Vasilieu – will stand trials later as they demanded a lawyer.

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