Deputy head of Horki colony: I get paid for this

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Deputy head of Horki colony: I get paid for this

Administration of the colony in Horki did not let Zmitser Dashkevich’s lawyer see her client. The deputy head of the colony Aliaksandr Lapatka explained his actions by “following his personal interests”.

At first, Mr. Lapatka assured lawyer Marianna Semeshka that she could not meet with Zmitser Dashkevich because he had been in a disciplinary cell at the moment. However, the lawyer proved his arguments wrong basing on the Criminal and Procedural Code’s regulations. Then Mr. Lapatka accidentally told the real reason for his actions – “This is my work, I get paid for this”. Thus, Mr. Lapatka confirmed that he was paid for violation of the legislation in the form of prevention a lawyer from meeting a client.

Moreover, they did not let the lawyer see Dashkevich’s personal file – she wanted to find out the reason why he had been placed in a disciplinary cell and to appeal the punishments.

The lawyer is going to claim the illegal actions of the colony’s administration in the public prosecutor’s office and the Department on Serving Punishments.



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