HELP! They are killing him in prison!

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HELP! They are killing him in prison!

The “Young Front” is calling all the activists and people who care for help! Administration of the colony No. 9 in Horki is mutilating a man for nor grounds or reasons. Zmitser Dashkevich refused to sign any papers which would confirm his guilt. Maybe, this is the result – they come up with a revenge. 

It is easy to commit crimes when you think no one will ever know about it. It is easy to stand against one man with a whole system behind your back and it’s hard to resist when you are alone. But it’s possible, and this is what Zmitser is trying to do” – Nasta Palazhanka comments.

It is known that Zmitser Dashkevich was placed in a disciplinary cell, not for the first time. The “Young Front” leader refused to sign any papers. He has become a “violent regime-breaker” as soon as he arrived to the colony in Horki. They limited his right to use financial means from 210 thousand Br to 35 thousand. It is still unknown whether they also deprived him from prescribed food parcels and meetings.

We are asking all the people who care, whose hearts are in pain because of the situation in which Zmitser Dashkevich found himself, to write to the colony’s administration, to call them on the phone demanding they should leave the youngster alone, and to remind them they will pay for the wickedness they commit, sooner or later.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about Zmitser in fact – letters do not arrive, they chase the lawyer away. We file dozens of complaints. However, I am not sure that the colony’s administration was really ordered to press Zmitser so brutally. If this is a local initiative aimed at securing somebody’s position/shoulder straps – we must put an end to it. The prison administration should know that this situation is in the center of attention of not only ordinary Belarusian citizens, but also politicians, culture activists,  international community, human rights organizations etc. We must show them that their actions will never remain anonymous. They will bear responsibility for everything which is happening to our beloved people at the territory of their prison. We will get their heads and their shoulder straps, which are so dear to them, if we need to,” – continued the girl.

Please send your letters to the administration of the Horki colony No.9 t to the following address:

213 410 Dabraliubau Street, 19, correctional colony No. 9

Horki, Mahiliov region,


For the attention of: A.M. Kavaliou, Head of the colony

Please call:

Tel.: + 375 2233 52361,  +375 2233 52362