Homel: Young Front cannot be stopped! (photo)

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The “Young Front” activists from Homel have conducted a raid around their city recently, and now we have their photo-report. We can see that there are graffiti signs saying “Young Front” and “Young Front Cannot Be Stopped”, right in the city center.

Let us remind you, they’ve made more graffiti recently – “Freedom for Political Prisoners”, then “SHOS”* , “Freedom for Dashkevich and Lobau!”, and today’s photos make it clear that Homel activists are not going to stop, as they claim that the Young Front is unstoppable.

*„SHOS“ is an abbreviation for anti-regime slogan „Shtob on sdokh“, which is translated loosely as “let him [Lukashenka] croak”.This slogan has become very popular among the anti-Lukashenka crowd recently.



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