…If you had such sons as Zmitser…

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…If you had such sons as Zmitser…

Tatsiana Sieviarynets, the leader of the Belarusian Christian Democracy’s Vitsebsk regional branch, a mother of the political prisoner Paval Sieviarynets, is asking the head of the colony in Horki to make Zmitser Dashkevich’s life in prison easier:

Dear Mr. A.M. Kavaliou,


I know that Zmitser Dashkevich is imprisoned in the correctional institution which you head. This is a wonderful young man, educated and brave, who has pride and dignity.

This is the exact reason why he is in your prison, he is not there for what he has allegedly committed. This is a lie, everything about his case if a lie, the case is fabricated from the very start, and there are many proofs of this, while nothing proves his guilt.

I would like to say it once again – Dashkevich is our light, our hope, the future of our Belarus. He is brave enough to think differently and to speak up. It’s a shame, but such people are dangerous for the current authorities. The authorities are afraid of such people due to some reason, even having the army, the police and the persecution institutions on their side.

 I am writing to you as a mother, hoping for your mercy and conscience. Maybe you are also a father. If you had such sons as Zmitser you would be proud of them. A man who managed to convince the youth in the “Young Front”  to give up smoking, alcohol, and lax morals, a man who lives in accordance with Christian principles and fears only the God is not a criminal!

If you are a real Belarusian and a decent human being, if you respect yourself, please do your best so that confinement conditions in your establishment would not be worse for Zmitser than for other prisoners, so than no one tortured him. He is there for nothing! And you should understand this.

No one will ever manage to break him. It is possible to destroy him physically but his spirit is stronger.

I am kindly asking you to do what you can do for Zmitser Dashkevich, let The God be merciful to you and your family. I will pray for this.You have a complicated and responsible position, but it is possible to remain a decent person. I really hope that you can make Zmitser’s life easier.

Tatsiana Sieviarynets, mother of political prisoner Paval Sieviarynets