Let’s rescue Dmitry Dashkevich!

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Let’s rescue Dmitry Dashkevich!

Dear sirs/madams!

We would like to address to all of the progressive world community with a call for help! With shout about the fast and real help on rescue of life of the Belarussian prisoner of conscience Dmitry Dashkevich!

Worldly unrecognized, the president of Belarus and spiritually a moral freak Lukashenko continues to kill, physically and morally damage the people of Belarus. Everything what is happening at present suggests that we should all be afraid of the fact that in the nearest future (the count goes for days!) Lukashenko will kill the leader of Young Front Dmitry Dashkevich.

Dashkevich has been illegally condemned by repressive Belarussian court (on the basis of forged and false statements made by Belarussian police) and for the past 9 months Dmitry is exposed to various mockeries and tortures in prison. As we all know, Dmitry is a very strong person, but our fears had been raised upon receiving Dmitry’s last letter addressed to his godmother in which each line feels like a plea for help and indication of real threat of physical destruction…

Our confidence in that it is a very likely possibility is based on the following:

  1. On last disappearances and murders of ALL political opponents of Lukashenko – Zaharenko, Gonchar, Krasovsky, Zavadsky, Karpenko, Bebenin…..
  2. On total absence and deliberate sabotage of any investigations of the above-stated evil deeds by Lukashenko as well as Belarussian courts.
  3. On numerous statements made by the people who have recently been discharged from Belarussian prisons in which they confirm the presence of groups of people in masks without recognition symbols to which all prison workers submit. These “masks”, that directly submit to Lukashenko, scoff and torture Belarussian prisoners of conscience that are held in prisons and have a direct bearing on already known squadrons of death which had been operated and are still operated personally by Lukashenko.
  4. On the basis of recent illegal attacks by people without recognition symbols on hundreds of peacefully applauding citizens in streets and on leaders of incorporated democratic forces on 01/10/2011
  5. On unprecedented perversions from Lukashenko’s side on Constitutions Of Republic of Belarus, all human rights and norms of morals in Belarus which are inherently comparable with Nazism, Fascism and Stalinizm.

For your full understanding of all the elements of this tragic situation in Belarus we provide an open access to the last original letter from Dmitry Dashkevich and its translations into English and Russian languages. If you are able to translate Dmitry’s letter and our plea of help to other languages please do so and send/post it everyone to make more and more people aware of the situation!! All the help and awareness of this tragic situation would help Dmitry Dashkevich, so please, please help him!!!

It is impossible to trust Lukashenko…. Lukashenko understands ONLY the language of force! Therefore we ask all progressive and worldwide known people to help us, and immediately to take all possible measures and actions and to put a bold stop to this revived fascism in the face of dictator Lukashenko, on the Belarussian land!

Let’s rescue Dmitry Dashkevich!

Let’s rescue Belarus!

And let the God bless and help all of us!