«Misha stays imprisoned…»

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«Misha stays imprisoned…»

Yesterday YF activists Mikalai Dzemidzenka, Raman Vasilieu and Mikhail Musski were to leave prison in Akrestsin after 15-day arrest. But, unfortunately Mikhail was not set free.

His friends searched for the associate and only in the morning it got known exactly that Musski was again in jail. The circumstances of Mikhail’s detention are not known. We managed to find out in the detention centre that the guy would undergo the trial in Maskouski district Court on Monday.«The guy is likely to be charged with “hooliganism”. A similar vase happened in the spring to Pavel Vinagradau, when he was taken by car from Akrestsin detention centre to the police station, where they made another protocol on 17.1 Article. I think that the second arrest must be due to the fact that Mikhail refused to take urgent military service and required an alternative. The boy was given a summons to the military authorities on 14 May and is likely to be taken there under escort», — commented human rights activist Anastasia Loika.