Our condolences to Norway

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Our condolences to Norway

The “Young Front” expresses condolences with regard to Oslo terrorist act.

Belarusian youth express their sincere condolences to all Norwegian people, and families of the victims and casualties of the blood-spilling events, which happened on July 22. The “Young Front” declares its support to our Norwegian partners – the Young Christian Democrats of Norway, who need to be together with their people in these hard times.

We are shocked that a terrorist act occurred in the capital of a peaceful European country. We are incensed that participants of summer camp became victims of terrorists on that very day.

According to the latest information, 91 people dies as a result of the tragic events, 84 of them were young people, who rested at Utoyea Island.

We consider that the July 22 terrorist act has become the most horrible attack on Norway since the Second World war. We hope that those who prepared and committed this crime will be fairly punished.

Young Front, July 23 

A strong blast occurred in Oslo, the capital of Norway, on July 22. Several people were injured, no less than 10 died. The blast occurred near the governmental building, where the office of Norwegian Prime-Minister Jens Stoltenberg is located.

Some time later, a gunman wearing the police uniform started the fire in the summer camp in Utoyea island. The man had allegedly arrived to the island for a checking in connection with the Oslo blast. Jens Stoltenberg planned to arrive to the island to make a speech for the participants of the summer camp. The police do not exclude he might be the main target of the blast and gun-shooting organizers.

Norway is one of the richest and most democratic countries of the world. It has played the leading role in the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism in Europe and against repressive regimes all over the world for the last several decades.