Political prisoners’ families thank Pope Benedict XVI

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Political prisoners’ families thank Pope Benedict XVI

Families of political prisoners thanked the Roman Pontiff for his attention to the imprisoned politicians and activists, asked him to facilitate their soonest release and not to stop praying for Belarus.

Relatives of political prisoners sent an open letter as a reaction to the visit of the Nuncio archbishop to the Belarusian prisons, where he met with Mikalaj Statkevich, Zmitser Dashkevich, Pavel Syevyarynets (at the specialized confinement facility), Ales Byalyatski, Syarhei Kavalenka and Pavel Syramalotau (already released). 

Nuncio archbishop Claudio Guggerotti will meet with Pope Benedict XVI, and the Belarusian political prisoners will be one of the issues that they will discuss.

Please see the full text of the open letter.

To the Holy Father Benedict XVI

 Halleluia! Jesus is alive!

“God is love” 1 J 4,16


  Dear Holy Father!

We are Belarussian people of good will, the families of the Political prisoners, people of different christian confessions, would like to say You: “Thank you very much for your Blessing, Compassion and greetings to our Political prisoners through the Nuncio archbishop Claudio Guggerotti”. It was so great miracle for us and the sign that God is hearing us, that He is with us in this awful sruggle with evil. The Political prisoners (Mikalai AutukhovichMikalai StatkevichPavel SeviarynetsZmitser DashkevichEduard Lobau, Ales Bialiatski, Mikalai Dziadok, Ihar Alinevich, Aliaksandr FrantskevichVasil Parfiankou, Alyaksandr Kruty, Artsyom Prakapenka, Yauhen Vaskovich, Aliaksandr Malchanau) in Belarus are brave, just people, some of them are deep faithful believers. Even because of the faith they are suffering now in the prison, like young man – Zmicer Dashkevich. We would like to share with you our pain, the pain of our people. It is not only the pain of 17 years suffering of our people from unjust dictator, last dictator in the Europe. But it is the pain of the past of my country: roots in comunistic atheistic system, which are still strong and deep in our land, and it gives influence on the whole life in everything. That´s why it is so different for us to be set free not only in political sense but also and first of all in the spiritual sense!

Every day during last fast two years after “The blood night of 19th December 2010”in Minsk near the catholic Church of Saint Simon and Helen, people of good will (not only catholics) have been prayed for the Freedom of our country and political prisoners, also for the convertion of whose who keeps power in our land. We believe that God as His Mother, Mary helps us and will help according to His holy will!

We, Belarusian suffering people, are asking you our dear Holy Father to pray for us, for our country, for those who is giving their young lifes in prisons because of truth, freedom and justice and the christian future of Belarus!

Thank you very much! God bless you!

With the prayer and love of Jesus Christ.

28th September 2012