Salihorsk: search at Andrus Tychyna’s

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Salihorsk: search at Andrus Tychyna’s

Andrus Tychyna was detained today in Salihorsk. The reason for detention – leaflets urging people to come to the square on July 29 at 19.00, found in the activist’s backpack.

The policemen consulted their Minsk bosses and decided to go to Tychyna’s apartment and search it. It is worth mentioning that they insolently ignored legal norms – there was no search warrant, the search was conducted without testifying witnesses or protocols.

As a result they confiscated agitation materials which concerned the presidential election-2010. Besides, this is the second time Tychyna’s apartment was searched – KGB agents visited him right after December 19 in the framework of the “mass disturbances” criminal case.

Andrus Tychyna was released in three hours without any charges.

Andrus is one of the organizers of the city dwellers’ meeting, which is to take place in the central square on July 29. The aim of the action – to declare protest against the current authorities.




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