Stop tortures! Defend political prisoners!

Stop tortures! Defend political prisoners!

The on-line petition in support of political prisoners Zmitser Bandarenka, Mikita Likhavid and Zmitser Dashkevich at  the Facebook page has already been signed by more than 70 people. Among them there are Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu, Andrej Khadanovich, Liavon Volski, Aliaksandr Pamidorau and other famous civil and cultural activists of contemporary Belarus.

You can also sign under this petition at our web-site in the comments to this article (no pre-moderation).

Dear friends! We, who put signature under this petition, ask you not to stay indifferent to lives of political prisoners in our country. Dmitriy Bondarenko is one of them.

Dmitriy is about to undergo a very complicated surgery on his spine. After this operation he needs long-lasting rehabilitation. But the authorities decided to torture a helpless man and shortened the time of rehabilitation to 2 weeks. By this action they sentenced the prisoner of conscience to physical disability.

They suggest that we should stay calm and just be the part of this inhumane and cruel show.

We want to address these words to the world public and first of all to all Belarusians:

Let’s do everything possible so that competent medical assistance during the rehabilitation period was rendered. Once again we call authorities for justice. The only thing that is required from them is to abide by the law and not to interfere with the work of highly professional medical staff of the Minsk City Clinical Hospital №5.

We also demand to stop pressure and provocations directed at Dmitriy Dashkevich and Nikita Lihovid. Despotism of the penal colony administrations puts in jeopardy their lives and health.

International organizations recognized Dmitriy Bondarenko, Dmitriy Dashkevich and Nikita Lihovid the “prisoners of conscience”, or illegally convicted on political grounds.

Let’s do everything possible to save innocent people from being destroyed by the regime!

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