Tortures in Salihorsk detention center

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Tortures in Salihorsk detention center

The “Young Front” activist Ivan Shyla was taken to hospital in the evening on July 19 – on the 6th day of his administrative detention. The youngster was delivered to the Salihorsk dispensary for skin and sexually transmitted diseases because his allergy got worse. He got this disease when he served in the Belarusian army, having been a political draftee.

According to Ivan, they called an ambulance to him back on Friday, July 15, but there was no doctor of the corresponding specialization, thus, he was left in the detention center for the weekend, till Monday. On Monday, the detention center’s employees refused to take the youngster to the hospital allegedly because of absence of transport means. As a result, Ivan’s health deteriorated even more, his whole body covered with red rash and blisters.

Ivan hospital

Even today, the administration of the detention center refused to send Ivan Shyla to hospital, using the same words, for which Ivan allegedly served his sentence. Only after a scandal they were forced to transport him to the dispensary, where he was hospitalized.

The youngster thinks that his allergy got worse because of the absolutely anti-sanitary confinement conditions in the detention center in Salihorsk, and because his demands for medical assistance had been ignored by the detention center’s administration.

Let us remind you, Ivan Shyla was detained and accused of bad swearing last Wednesday, on July 13, during the silent protest action in Salihorsk. Two days later, judge Burautsou sentenced his to 8 days of administrative detention. Thus, Ivan Shyla will have to get back to the detention center and serve 2 more days after he is discharged from hospital.

Ales Mikhalok,