We demand better confinement conditions for Dashkevich and Likhavid!

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We demand better confinement conditions for Dashkevich and Likhavid!

12 petitions demanding to soften the confinement regime for the political prisoners were filed to the Department on Serving Punishments on July 26.The petitions were signed by the participants of a smart-mob picket, organized through a social network Facebook. The participants of the action got together near the Department, signed petitions and brought them to the institution for registration one by one.


The aim of the action was to force the authorities to make a little sustain and to improve confinement conditions for Zmitser Dashkevich and Mikita Likhavid, in particular, to stop ungrounded repressions against the prisoners, to let them receive parcels again, to let them buy food in the prison stores, and also to fulfill their right for meetings with family members.

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Let us remind you, you can support political prisoners by sending them letters:

Mikita Likhavid

Correctional colony No. 10

211440 Technichnaya Street, 8


Vitsebsk region,



Zmitser Dashkevich

Correctional colony No. 9

213410 Dabraliubau Street, 16


Mahileu region,Belarus