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YF activist Mikhail Muski was forcedly taken to serve the term in the army. On May 15 the guy was able to contact and inform his friends about the coming “happy” event in his life.

Mikhail was taken from Akhrestin Jail to 29th Missile Air Defense Unit of the Armed Forces of Belarus in Lepel.

Mikhail was forced to serve the term in the army for his political activity with evident breaking of the law.  The guy was ‘delivered onto the conveyer of political draftees’ where the security KGB officers try to impose their ideas, persuade guys in flourishing and welcoming Luka’s ideology.

In 2009 Mikhail was recognized unfit for serving in the army because of the high blood pressure. In 2012 after the detention for organizing and participating in the performance near the Foreign  Ministry he was under escort taken to military hospital to “change” his state of health.

Since the beginning of 2012 Mikhail Muski spent 50 days imprisoned.  He wrote lots of letters to change the standard service to the alternative service. This practice is not done for Young Front activists.

Young Front is missing Muski’s presence. We don’t feel indifferent and look forward to any news. The guy is not easy to contact to. There is nothing worse than informational ban.