“Young Front” appeals to administration of colonies in Horki and Navapolatsk

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“Young Front” appeals to administration of colonies in Horki and Navapolatsk

On June 29, the “Young Front” activists have found out that the Chairman of the organization Zmitser Dashkevich is in the punitive isolation ward in Horki colony.

It is unknown when he got there, what for and for how long. A confidential source informed that the youngster had allegedly been ordered to clean the toilet. Dashkevich refused to follow the humiliating order, as it hadn’t been his obligation, and was put to the punitive isolation ward.

Let us note that Dashkevich has been transported to the colony several days ago and is on quarantine now. However, they started harassing him straightaway. Nasta Palazhanka visited the colony in Horki on Monday. The head of the correctional colony No. 9 refused to talk to her, and she had a conversation with the deputy head on operative-regime work. The latter assured the girl there shouldn’t be any problems.

However, it is obvious that the authorities set an aim not only to isolate youth leaders, but to make their imprisonment unbearable. We see it on the example of the political prisoner Mikita Likhavid, who had hardly come out of punitive isolation wards since the moment he arrived to the colony. Similar violence started against Zmitser Dashkevich.

The “Young Front” declares it intention to defend Zmitser Dashkevich, who is not only the Chairman of the organization but also our reliable friend, as well as Mikita Likhavid, a youngster with unique will power. First, we report and will report violent actions against political prisoners to other countries’ representations, international structures and human rights organizations, in particular, to “Amnesty International”, which considered Dashkevich and Likhavid prisoners of conscience.
Remember – we keep the record of all your crimes and the time will come when you pay for them.

Secondly, we will demand that the administrations of correctional colonies in Horki and Navapolatsk should be included into the list of “banned officials” in case the repressions against political prisoners continue.

Thirdly, we do realize that the perspective of court justice and prohibition to enter civilized countries might not prevent prison administrations from committing violence, therefore, we will act in your cities: we will paste your portraits in the streets, write your names in graffiti, and disseminate leaflets with information about you.

Maybe, when you old friend refuses to shake hands with you, when neighbours dishonor your wife, and other children tease your sons and daughters at school to such extent that they will be ashamed to stand beside you, something will soften in your hearts.

Maybe you will understand then, how painful your orders and sentences are to us.

You can stop it. Make your choice.