Young Front says about attempts of total recruitment

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Young Front says about attempts of total recruitment

Members of international youth organization “Young Front” (registered in the Czech Republic because it was refused in registration by Belarusian authorities several times) expressed a strong interest in the organization and its leaders by the intelligence services. It was reported on January 9 at the press conference in Minsk.

The press conference was attended by Young Front activists arrested in Minsk on December 19, 2011, who were serving administrative detention in Isolation Offenders’ Center in Minsk. According to Young Front activists, KGB officers came to them and tried to make them cooperate.

So, Michail Muski said that people who called themselves KGB members came to him six times. “They suggested that I should name a number of grants allegedly received by YF, offered to sign a nondisclosure, threatened with the fact that “mask show” would enter my cell (the police officers wearing masks) and beat me. However, I have to answer every offer refused.  I have not faced the effects yet”, – said Muski.

A similar story was told by Pavel Siagei. The people who called themselves KGB members also came to him, demanded information about “Young Front”, threatened with expulsion from university, otherwise I will be beaten. However, Siargei refused to answer their questions.

According to Dzmitry Krymyanetski, he was also asked about the activities of “Young Front” and YF leadership by the KGB agents. “They said that they could arrange my service in the army. I responded that I had already served in the army. They began to put pressure on my relatives – my mother would have problems at work. I told them that my mother is retired. They claimed to call riots. I said “call” and that was it” – said Krymyanetski.

A former political prisoner Uladzimir Yaromenak said that after his arrest people who called themselves KGB members also came to him.  “I was told that I am under preventive supervision”. And easily can go his sentence in prison, if not agreed to cooperate. The guy was not scared. “However, after leaving the jail I learned that I had been expelled from BSUIR, despite the fact that I did not have any “debts” on taking tests or exams,” – said Yaromenak.

Raman Vasilyeu said that for non-cooperation also offered by the KGB officers he lost his job. “I was threatened with violence”.  “We now go out and riot police will go here tomorrow”, – said these men. I told them: “Let them go”. And then they came to me and said that the riot police had not come”.  Nevertheless, the building company that had employed the activist considered his administrative arrest as truancy. “They told me that either I will fire myself, or it will be written in the service record as absence. I preferred the first one” – said Vasilyeu.

Mikalai Dzemidzenka, one of the leaders of “Young Front”, claimed that such an interest to the organization and the pressures on activists were the evidence that the authorities were preparing a lawsuit against people related to “Young Front”.