Zhodzina: Defend Zmitser Dashkevich! (photo)

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Zhodzina: Defend Zmitser Dashkevich! (photo)

The “Young Front” activists from Zhodzina are spreading their expansion and urging to stop tortures against Zmitser Dashkevich.

The activists disseminated informational leaflets calling on people to join the :Young Front”, as well as leaflets with the information about the destiny of the organization’s imprisoned leader Zmitser Dashkevich, who had been placed into a dungeon for the third time in a row by the colony’s administration.

The “Young Front” members from Zhodzina are trying to convey the information about the crimes committed by the so-called “law-enforcement authorities” in Belarus to as many people as possible. They want to stop the inhumane, illegal actions of the non-legitimate regime by informing the society.