Zmitser Dashkevich keeps hunger strike as a protest against persecution in Mazyr colony

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Zmitser Dashkevich keeps hunger strike as a protest against persecution in Mazyr colony

On Wednesday, the mass media wrote that Zmitser Dashkevich was kept in the punishment cell in the colony of Mazyr and that he started a hunger strike. Zmitser Dashkevich keeps the hunger strike for the 7th day.


The reason for the strike has become known today – inhuman behavior of the colony’s administration, in particular, the Chief of the colony Yury Zbarouski. Zmitser Dashkevich told that he would stop the hunger strike only when the prison administration stops persecuting him, adopts an adequate attitude towards him and apologizes for the previous insults and threats.

We do not give any estimation to the behavior of the Mazyr colony administration – let it be the General public prosecution who will do this. We will send there complaints about each of the outrageous incidents that happened in Mazyr. We will just describe the situations so that you could imagine the conditions in which Zmitser Dashkevich is forced to serve punishment.

– Zmitser Dashkevich arrived to the correctional colony No. 20 in Mazyr. The Chief of colony asked Zmitser about his religious confession at the very first meeting with the prisoner. When he heard the word “protestant” uttered in a calm voice, he told Zmitser a lot of new information about this confession, for example: “The sects like yours are planted here by the West in order to destroy the Slavic race!” He beat himself in the chest with the Orthodox medal on it and continued, “You destroy the Slavic race yourself!”, all this mixed with swearing words. Zmitser was surprised by this “warm” acceptance and closed this topic, obviously so painful for the Chief of the correctional colony.

–  Zmitser refused to clean up in the quarantine brigade (the brigade where prisoners come to upon arrival to the colony and stay for the first several weeks). The head of the quarantine appealed for a conversation with him. A commission of 7 people gathered. Yury Zbarouski headed the commission: “Well, are you going to throw your weight about, you, Baptist, alcoholic that got hypnotic treatment twice, fag? You are a piece of shit, and not a Prime Minister of France. Everyone started shouting at Zmitser “Just look what a dumb face he’s got! He’s an idiot!” Zmitser refused to talk to such commission. On that day, he was deprived of all long-term meetings and reprimanded.

–         A regime representative came to the barrack where Zmitser Dashkevich had just arrived, and lived there with 40 people, and found a blade on the table. He turned to Dashkevich on the spot asking “Did you decide to cut your wrists?”

They took him to the head of the regime department. “Explain in the written form where you have taken the blade!” – he ordered. “This is not mine”, – Dashkevich responded. “It was found in your personal stuff! Who do you think you are! You are an alcoholic, a piece of shit, you gonna leave your health here in the punishment cell, I can tell you for sure!” Zmitser stated he started a hunger strike, and handed this written statement to the head of the regime department. The latter crumpled it and threw it away, saying “I will put you in a cell with “trusties” and they gonna fuck you, got it? Write explanations!” “I am not going to write anything for YOU”, – Zmitser said. “What? What did you say? I will report on your improper behavior with me straightaway!”

–          When Dashkevich came back to the quarantine brigade, he told the head of the brigade the following “This is double absurdity in comparison with Horki”. Some Mayor was there at that moment, he eavesdropped the conversation and reported this remark in his own way “insult of the administration, bad swearing”. The result of this was another commission in the morning, with the same “actors”. Everything happened upon the same scenario, the only new thing was that he was deprived of all short-term meetings. Zmitser was standing there saying nothing… However, the head of the regime department didn’t like this reaction either: “Are you keeping silence in order to provoke me? Do you want me to put you on a record at the psychologist’s?” The psychologist said: “Yes, he also should be put on the record as a person who might commit suicide, he was hiding the blade!”

Please note that putting a prisoner on a record as a person likely to commit suicide means to give unlimited authorizations to the colony’s administration – they will have a perfect explanation in case something happens – “he is a person likely to commit suicide”…


–          After these and similar incidents Zmitser refused to follow any orders of the administration. He was sent to the commission once again and sentenced to a new term in the punishment isolator. It is unknown for how long.

–          As Zmitser wasn’t sure whether they added the materials about his hunger strike to his personal file, he decided to go to the doctor from the punishment isolator to check his blood pressure twice a day in order to have evidence that he did not stop the hunger strike and would not get back to eating until the attitude towards him is not changed and until they apologize .However, the doctor simply threw him out shouting “Get out of here!” Zmitser wanted to send a complaint about the incident to the prosecutor’s office in Mazyr, but it is unknown whether the complaint left the colony.

“Zmitser Dashkevich has spent just a week in this colony. It is difficult to imagine what might happen next. The head of the regime department threatened in a conversation with me that it would make the things worse for Dashkevich if the media write about any of this. However, I see no other variant but to reveal these horrible facts. Besides, the Chief of the colony tried to twist the situation the other way round, like, it was Zmitser who insulted them, that he is going mad…”, – Nasta Palazhanka told the details.


We are urging you to write letter to Zmitser Dashkevich to the following address:  Mazyr -11, correctional colony #20, ZIP 247760.

You can also send a telegram to Chief of the colony Yury Zbarouski to the following address: Mazyr-11, correctional colony #20, ZIP 247760.



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